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Our Instructors

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Paul Bokhyun Oh

Grand Master

  •  Founder of Muyedo  

  • Chosunkal  Kumsun 9 Dan

  • Grand Master of the Muyedowon 

  • President of the Global Muyedowon Foundation 

  • Actor who appeared in the 2006 Korean drama Yeon Gaesomun

  • 08,23 ,2014  US  Bongrimgi kumdo Championship 1st place gold medal

  • 2022 9/24 US Korea Festival Chosundo Demonstration at San Jose

  • 2022 10/11 Participated in the 103rd Korea National Sports Festival as a Kendo representative from the U.S. Bronze medal for 3rd place in the team event

  • 2022 11/5 US Kumdo Association 15th Western Kendo Competition 1st place Gold medal Senior Division

  • 2023 1/5 Muyedowon San Jose Dojang Open

  • 2022 4/23 1st US MUYEDO CHAMPIONSHIP Open

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Sungjin Kim 

  • Muyedo master

  • Chosunkal  kumsa 5 Dan

  • Master of the Muyedowon 

  • Master of the US Muyedo Academy 

  • Vice president of the Global Muyedowon Foundation

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Meet Our Instructors

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Carlos Emilio Beas 

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James Myunghun Song

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Gerardo Martinez

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Cecy Gallegos

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Sunhee Oh

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Tseene Oh

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Daniel Alvarez Haro

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